MADBLUE is a tribute to
nature, aimed at a CIRCULAR
and BLUE economy

Spate of innovation culture and responsible creativity


MadBlue’s conferences and exhibitions applaud the latest advances in the world of innovation, culture, music and sport, fostering creative and professional growth alike. MadBlue is the benchmark destination for discovering best practices geared towards sustainable development.

With an active calendar in Spring 2022, MadBlue launches a busy calendar of cultural activities, innovation showcases, talks with invited experts, so that all citizens can contribute to the preservation of nature under the motto: “No blue, no green”.

Artistic performances and exhibitions
MADBLUE Workshops
Attaining sustainability through technology and innovation
MADBLUE Conferences
The best practices towards sustainable development
MADBLUE Experiences
Experiences, sustainability and transformation

MadBlue, from Madrid to the Oceans

MadBlue proffers a quality program of events in offices located in flagship buildings throughout Madrid, all of them characterized by a commitment to cultural innovation, environmental responsibility, along with good artistic practices.

La Casa Encendida

The Montemadrid Foundation’s social and cultural center, an open-plan and lively space, for all audiences, where some of the most avant-garde artistic expressions coexist with educational activities, reflection or debate, which revolve around its four axes of activity: Culture, Solidarity, Environment and Education. From therein, several activities are undertaken that respond to the interests and demands of a public engaged and interested in current trends.

Centro Conde Duque

One of the major urban cultural spaces fostered by the Governmental Division of Arts, Sports and Tourism of the Madrid City Council. The Conde Duque building embosses its own personality to an area of the city of Madrid that is particularly active in terms of leisure and culture. Conde Duque lends itself as a meeting point, stop, and perfect destination for crowds in search of new cultural proposals. The events schedule of the Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Centre are aligned with the ethos of MadBlue, reflect on the reality and concerns of our current climate.


Medialab Prado

A space open to the public that functions thanks to the cultural mediation program, which aims to guide, host, relate users and projects to each other. Medialab Prado is a program sponsored by the Governmental Division of Culture and Sports of the Madrid City Council, a citizen laboratory that functions as a meeting place for the production of open cultural projects. Medialab Prado understands the field of culture as a place of experimentation that can be linked to any area of knowledge and experience.

Teatros del Canal

The modern building, located in the Chamberí district, is one of the most avant-garde and innovative benchmark centres in the entertainment industry in the Spanish capital. Given the capacity of its spaces, modern enough and technologically capable to adapt to any technical undertaking, it has been the venue chosen by MadBlue to host its live show, along with the closing ceremony following days brimming with fervent activity.

 Innovation keynote speakers, conferences and workshops

Together with a selection of companies and startups with an eye on change, MadBlue affords access to insider knowledge of some of the companies’ dynamics, offering workshops with the purpose of develop ideas around backing a more sustainable world through technology and innovation.

Madblue conferences, the perfect place for the brightest minds who have heard, like you, the planet’s urgent SOS, to connect with a wide-ranging and diverse audience, bonding and moving together with a view to discovering best practices towards sustainable development.

Artistic interventions and exhibitions

MadBlue fully backs art and design, convinced that it is from the creativity that the change to a better world must be devised. Exhibitions, site-specific interventions, performances and artistic actions of different kinds function as emergency calls by sharing a commitment to diversity, equality, ecology, tradition, innovation, along with a means of being economically more responsible worldwide, while acting more carefully toward the environment and social values.


Urban experiences



Madblue transports to the city center a series of physical and interactive experiences devised from our ethos and purpose. Uniting technology, art and sport. Madblue offers citizens a unique way of living sustainability, bolstering the emotional ties between the community and its environment.

Live Show

The closing gala, an opportunity to bring together all the Summit stakeholders interested in being agents of change in favor of sustainable development.

The Madblue Awards are granted for companies, artists and participants who have participated in the most innovative and awareness-raising proposals throughout the week.

MADBLUE is the PLATFORM that encourages pollination of diverse disciplines in support of ENVIRONMENTAL causes, diverse talents united in the creation of NEW MODELS involving manufacture, as well as economic and social issues.”




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